Happy 5th of July!  Gingham has been the "it" print and has made a full circle from the picnic blanket to every girls closet including Penelope's and mine.  I love finding pieces that are similar to our personal styles but all in the name of spending less and reducing our carbon footprint.  How do I do this as a Mom of two?  I shop in second hand stores and recycle my kids and my own clothing to do so.

 Have you read my post "Why you Should Shop Consignment?" If not, here's a breakdown.  You purchase new clothing all the time and somethings are barely worn and some just don't fit.  The things that you can't take back to the store can be resold or taken to a consignment store where they will take what they need in exchange for store credit or cash.  The store credit will allow you to shop their new and previously worn collections so the clothes have new life.  I recommend doing this instead of the cash but you can take the cash as well.  This type of shopping style has become essential to my children's wardrobe and has lowered the cost all together when buying for their seasonal closet.  

With all of that being said, I found the most darling little gingham skirt via Bluebird in the Larchmont village.  Bluebird carries more designer brands for kids so its easy to find a little treasure for your little treasures. There's also a number of other spots around town that offer similar sales.  I just find their service, location and prices to be the best around.  Here is where I also found her some adorable Natives in a dark blue which I paired with a white tee and a vintage ribbon in her pony tail.  All these pieces I got at consignment cost.
Ace's whole outfit was items that he received from his birthday this past month so he's wearing some new shorts a new tee which is actually has UV protection. 

For myself, I found a vintage leather cross body which only cost me $5!  I wore a new Forever 21 gingham blouse and my old Wildfox denim and a pair of wedge heels.  Later, I changed into some flat sandals to match my bag as we visited with an old friend at the house.  Forever 21 has the cutest gingham print tops with so many cuts to chose from!  Take a look at all my picks below and shop this adorable trend now! 🠗

Photos by Romeo Alexander Mejia

I also highly suggest shopping on consignment apps like the Poshmark app and the Depop app.  I personally have used both but right now, I am using Poshmark.  If you would like to shop my closet, you can click here!




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