Mom Jeans and Mimosas
 They talk about Fall but its straight up blasphemy to all of us Angelino's in this warm Cali weather.  I realize fashion is 6 months ahead (duh, I went to fashion school) but I am Summer's bottom BAE.  To help prolong summer vibes, here's a few funny puns that I have used, kept in my notes or seen on Pinterest.  These catchy phrases will help us Mom's who suffer from chronic Mom Brain when it comes to writing a cute caption. So Lettuce Begin LOL!

P I N  T H I S↷
Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Beachy Puns:🌊

Beach Please
Suit yourself
Girls just wanna have sun
Sands down, one of my fave's
Beaches ain't ready
Shell yeah!
Resting beach face
For shore
Sea's the day
Likes shady beaches
BAE Watch
adios beaches!

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

So let me know if you use any of these or hey, maybe they are all terrible.  Who knows!  Either way, I hope you got a good Monday chuckle out of them.  Also, if you'd like to see more of theses swimsuits you can click here.  And here's to all the summer days we have left!  Cheers!




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