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Disclaimer:  Everything on my list involves being outdoors!  Do not continue reading if you a self proclaimed binge watching couch lover.  Actually, that DOES describes me on occasion.  But as Summer is quickly passing by I want to make sure that our family time is spent wisely and not swallowed up by tasks and errands.  That's why I created this To-Do list with my kids.  Unlike other to-do lists (like my grocery list), this one will be fun to get through!

Scroll down to see my "5 Things To Do With Your Kids Before Summer Ends"

Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Mom Jeans & Mimosas

↡4 Things To Do With Your Kids Before Summer Ends↡

Look Up
Did you see the eclipse?  If not, you can still star gaze.  It's also better for your eyes.  Try explaining the solar eclipse to a toddler and simultaneously mentioning not to actually look at it. #momlife See what's up in the night sky for August 2017, including stargazing events and the moon's phases by clicking here!  

Ditch the Table
Picnic at a local park, beach or even your backyard! You pick.  I use my Gathre mat and take it to all of the above.  Recently, we picnic'd in the Rose Garden by the Science Center which is on my "5 kid-friendly hangouts in Los Angeles" post if you'd like more info.  It's warm weather approved too.

Eat Fresh
Visit a Farmers Market and grab some fresh summer fruit!  Watermelon, peaches and nectarines are our absolute favorites!  These won't be found in fall my friends!

Dig Deep
Plant something and watch it grow!  Here's a list of items you can plant in August.  Among them, Kale and beans.  Two great sources for protein!  So you can teach them about eating good while sharing the important role water plays for all living things.


Did you know that Fiji water has naturally occurring electrolytes in it? It's sourced in Fiji.  I've actually been to Fiji and they have the most gorgeous climate and geography.  I typically don't shop for water at the store because its so heavy!  I leave all that behind with my monthly Fiji water delivery.  They bring my water in the bottle sizes I want (500 ML for tiny toddler hands) without the hassle of having to carry it through a store.  Have you ever seen a grocery cart with two toddlers buried under loads of vegan food?  Yeah?  Well, make sure to wave next time cuz I'm pretty sure that was me. You can order your water here and make your life just a little bit easier...

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Are you going to try any of these things?  Let me know in the comments!  Remember, once Summer is gone, it's gone but the water deliveries can keep coming.  I look forward to mine every month and so does my family.  Until next time, 




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