Everything is about balance, am I right?  Well, what about your face?  Is there an arsenal of products in your bathroom right. this. second?  Don't worry, it's normal.  I was just like you.  I recently went through all my beauty products and purged a number of outdated ones to replace them with three little bottles.
Mom Jeans & Mimosas

There's numerous benefits to probiotics but did you know that you can apply them directly to your face?  That is the key element in LaFlore skincare and it's exactly why these three bottles do so much.  Each product is infused with a synergistic blend of natural ingredients and active biomolecules at clinical strengths to achieve the perfect facial balance.

The name LaFlore comes from the word "flora" which are the microbes that live on the skin.  This is your skins natural defense system that combats harsh products and environmental toxins.  Laflore renews and strengthens your natural flora so essentially, letting your skin work as it's meant to do.  

One of the most important components in any skincare line is the ingredients.  It's the driving force behind any of my buying habits.  This line has pleasantly surprised me with its Eco-friendly organic contents. All LaFlore products are plant based, cruelty free as well as free of:

。Petrochemicals and Phthalate
。Soy & Gluten Parabens Sulfates
。Mineral oil DEA Irritants & Bleach
。Propylene Glycol/Butylene Glycol Diazolidinyl Urea Formaldehyde 
  Say that 5 times fast!
Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Mom Jeans & Mimosas
Mom Jeans & Mimosas

I recently went to see a skin care specialist about my acne who instructed me to quite all the heavy product use because my skin wasn't able to breath and do it's job.  So to restore my skin to a state of wellness, I started to use the cleanser once nightly and then added a pump of serum which worked overnight while I rested.

The importance of serum in your skincare should be on another level.  The ingredients in this perfectly pink bottle help restore cell communication which essentially puts the skin in a state of rest.  So, just like our bodies need rest, so does our skin.  And did I mention it's my favorite and most necessary element to this trio? It's like the Beyoncé to my Destiny's Child. 🎤

In the AM, I simply splash my face with warm water and add the moisturizer to protect my skin during the day.  My skin feels restored, uplifted and bright!  Total opposite of my "tired-Mom look" I was rocking half the summer.

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

I think the most important takeaway here is that similar to your being, your skin needs to be beautiful from the inside, in order to shine from the outside.  My hope is that you would be just as excited as I was to get my hands on this revolutionary skincare line.  Would you like to try La Fore for yourself? You can by using code: PRIMP20 now to recieve 20% off!  Head over to LaFlore and let me know what you think in the comments below!




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