A change in season brings more than just Pumpkin Spiced everything.  It also brings a change in your skin.  Fall weather is ridiculously confusing, especially in Los Angeles.  Cold and brisk in the morning and hot as H-E-C-K at noon.  This radical change always makes me break out in my chin area causing me to hide at home away from the public eye.  But just because the temps are changing, doesn't mean that your skincare routine has to. Treat your adult acne with the original zit zapper, Zapzyt.

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions and thoughts are my own

Over 85% of American's either are struggling or will struggle with acne in their lives.  This is staggering!  Clearly, this indicates we are all on the same boat.  We're real people.  Bosses, clients, students, employees, parents etc. with one goal: To feel confident.  However, not all of us can afford the medical grade products carefully selected by a dermatologist or your facial aesthetician.   Alas, we must face the skincare isle with it's endless items promising the sun and the moon... if you fork up all your earnings. 
Particularly us Mom's who struggle day-to-day with hormones coming or going.   We are nursing babes while trying to be the team cheerleader even when we just wanna cry in the corner.  These hormones have been known to stress our skin to the point of break out.
Ugh.  I know EXACTLY how that feels and something tells me you do too (yes, even you non-Mom's).

With Zapzyt, I can zap the problem right away with their Acne Treatment Gel.  This formulated topical gel goes right on my blemish and gets absorbed quickly.  It's especially important to me when a product can be used WITH my makeup since I will more than likely be trying to hide it with a spot of concealer.  Once it's absorbed, you can apply your primer and continue your routine. I can also apply it at night when my face is clean.  When I wake up (at 5:30 because... Motherhood), the blemish is smaller and the redness has diminished!
You've got no excuses now!  These wonderful products are all available at Walmart for the low cost of a few bucks.  I think it's around $5.  Oh, did I mention it doesn't have any alcohol in it so it won't dry out your skin?

As I was saying,

We ALL have a Walmart close by and a "designated shopping list" to coincide too.  Just pick it up next time you're shopping OR if you literally have no time (even to pee) like me, ship that sucker over to the house.  I swear guys, I get so many packages now, Amazon is gonna try their drone shipping with my house.  Well, it's not in the bag yet but can you say "testing phase?"
Thanks for tuning in guys!  I'm actually experiencing a good skin day today. See my chin?   I can't wait to hear back from you guys after trying it.  Let me know below what you think of  Zapzyt and if you'd like me to share my whole skin routine?  Till next time, xoxo!




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