I'm somewhere in between letting go of Halloween and cranking up the Christmas songs.  I mean, didn't we just get back from ghouls and goblins? Well, I find comfort in my food and it's all about adding in a little bit of the season to our normal, routine meals.  It really helps ring in November by holding onto a few fall favorites.  So, I've curated and perfected the most delicious (and tummy friendly) pumpkin pancakes just in time for the first weekend of November.

If you follow me on Insta, then you are well aware of how much I love pancakes... Make them dairy-free and gluten free and I'm as happy as a kid on Christmas morning!  I also make them vegan from time to time if it's just me enjoying them.  Also, I have a number of other ideas on what to do with leftover pumpkin puree afterwards.  So lets start with the recipe and what you're going to need! ⇩

Everything is available at your local Whole Foods!  Check to see if your location carries these products by clicking here. You can also search here for carriers of the featured gluten free flour.

This will yield 6-8 pancakes depending on what size you like them.  If you make them small enough, you can easily place them in the toaster the next day!  Just refrigerate them in an air tight bag or storage of choice.  The box of pancake mix is the best I have found and trust me, I looked.  I was very much disappointed in several purchases prior to this life saver!  The pancakes come out fluffy and so delicious!  My whole family begs for them every weekend.  So I guess this recipe really takes the cake... or the pancake in this case!

Other ((EASY)) things to do with the left over pumpkin puree:

✓add it to oatmeal
✓give it to your baby 
✓add a dollop to your vegan vanilla ice cream
✓spread it on your bagel
✓mash it into mashed potatoes

I hope you enjoy eating my special creation as much as I do!  Let me know if you try this recipe out and don't forget to pin this to your vegan Pinterest board by using the "pin it" tool on my page.  Until next time guys!




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