This dress was $7.  **Drops mic** Really, do I need to continue?  Okay, here's the scoop.  I don't like red.  But I've been feeling a strong calling to incorporate it into my wardrobe, feed and life.  Let's be honest, red is a striking color!  I mean, my first two Chevy Camaro's were red and I was always on the radar.  Plus, I was sorta kinda flashy back in the day.  I actually thought spandex was an acceptable pant to wear in public... Well, okay, I still do but atleast I cover my bum when I wear them now.  Like I said, flashy... Do I want to re-visit those days?

I found this satin jem of a dress and LOVE it!  I think dresses are so flattering on so many different body types.  I just had to have it.  And best part?  It was only $7.  As you know today is Cyber Monday and the sales are going strong.  This satin dress went up to $14 but it retails for $19.99 so that's still a STEAL!  Plus, I look for specific pieces that offer one-of-a-kind look when shopping and this one has TWO.  Two great slits up the sides!  They aren't too high but definitely add the right amount of sexy to an outfit.  As you can see I wore it with my vegan menswear inspired shoes and a long line jacket.  I could turn it up a notch by adding a heel and a shorter, sassier moto jacket. Add a red lip and you have just transformed into a siren.  Commence the whistles and googly eyes!

Forever 21 Satin Rose Print Slip Dress ((ON SALE!!)) // Jacket ((old)) Similar here //  Vegan leather shoes by Faryl Robin x Free People ((sold out)) Similar here //  Vintage Dooney & Bourke ((old))  Similar here  Watch by JORD watches ((grab my discount here))

This amazing location is a must visit if you are in the Santa Monica area.  The telephone booth is on the outside of a pub cleverly named 📍 Cock N' Bull.  The building itself is black and white and it's on a busy street. If you get there in the morning or mid-day the lot is open and perfect for a photo sesh.   Just ignore the dwellers taking a peek out the window.  #itsaphotoshoot

So, If I was you, I'd take advantage of Today's sales and grab a Bold Satin Dress like this.  And stay tuned because I've got some more red-inspired post's coming up this week!  I'm super excited for this weeks content and I hope you are too!  




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