I'm always a bit scared and sad when fall rolls around. Not because of the spooky movies but because all Summer fruit is out of season. Fruit is an essential part of my kids diets but I can only fork out apples for so long until they grow tired of them. Then, I found out about Bear Naked Custom Granola blends.
This post is sponsored by Bear Naked Custom, I was paid for this post and received the included granola as compensation.  However, any and all opinions are my own.

We are big granola fans over here. (Can you say acai bowls?) I also recently began eating 95% vegan... Meaning, I eat honey from time to time. As I mentioned above, I heavily rely on fruit, especially for the kids during lunch time and snack time. I really like how Bear Naked Custom gives you so many ingredient selections! 50 to be exact. When I was selecting ours, I asked the kids to pick out some ingredients of their own. They chose chocolate chips (duh), freeze dried raspberries and coffee bean organic coconut chips. It was mixed with a chocolate granola and titled "Super Hero Fuel."

After that, I had the pleasure of "bearifying" myself which essentially means you plaster your face on the can and then decorate it. It reminds me of my college years on social media, collecting digital stickers to add to my profile picture. I actually LOVE it and find it both amusing and creative! The kids thought I was some kind of CEO when they saw it. But that's not all. Well, there's a mini game on the back where you can create your Bear's profile. Mine was batman themed stating I had "perfectly proportioned pecks" and I think I added a "come at me bro" quote too. #batbearmom

We also love how ALL the ingredients are non-GMO project verified and are easily packed in little cans.  It's a great, light snack and adds the perfect taste to any yogurt, smoothie or acai bowl.  The combo's are endless but with the help of the "flavor Synergy meter" you can get a chef's opinion on how likely it is the combo will taste good or not.  I honestly thought we made the perfect combo until my husbands can came in the mail.  I was hooked instantly!  He really knows how to blend.  His (in case you want to copy it) was freeze dried strawberries, green tea matcha powder and walnuts in a honey granola.  

It was GRRRRReat! <--- See what I did there?

I highly suggest trying this amazing granola for yourself.  I even have a code for you!  Enter BEAR2017 for a sweet 10% off discount at checkout for a limited time!  If you do, let me know what blend you make and if you "bearified" yourself or your children.  :)  Until next time, 




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