As a Mom, you are the thread that holds the family together.  You're the chef, the maid and sometimes you have to be the detective when say, something gets lost.  But while we can't do everything by ourselves,  Tile can at least help find the important things that have slipped out of your hands.  

This story isn't about losing something however, it's about keeping something very dear to me safe.  Recently, (and when I say recently, I mean last Friday) I had invasive surgery.  If you have had surgery before then you would know that all rings and jewelry have to stay behind.  This is reasonably worry some when you are a Mom and your kids are particularly interested in shiny things.  That's where my Tile came in to save the day.   

I simply attached my tile to my wedding ring and used the Tile app on my phone to register it.  Tile uses bluetooth technology + an easy to navigate app to find and track the things you love.  
I love the little jingle that goes off when you are trying to find the tile.  The cool part, is if you want to find your phone with the tile app, it works just the opposite way.  You double press the tile in the center and your phone will play that same sweet jingle (even if it's on silent!)  If you are farther away,  the tile app will track the last place and time you had your item. 

Other items to attach a Tile too:

A stuffed toy (watch this heart felt video to learn more)
Family heirloom 
A family camera
A TV remote
A wallet

Now, I feel safe when I leave the house knowing all my tiles are working and keeping all my precious valuables safe.  I also feel comforted knowing there's a large tile community to back me up and help me.  If you missed the "Lost Panda" youtube video I posted a few months back, check it out here.  It might remind you of that one time as a child, when you lost your most coveted companion.  I just wish there was a tile back then to help find my lost stuffed toy.  But now I know, my little one's toys are protected with just an easy attachment of a tile.

Having sold 10 million tiles, it is the largest lost and found community and is growing by the minute!  Do you want to be a part of the most powerful online network bringing people back to their most precious items?  Click here to find out how 2 million items are located every day using the Tile community. Together, we find it!

With my 6 year anniversary fast approaching, I might have to take my ring off again to get it fitted.  Seems like the perfect opportunity to Tile it, would't you agree?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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