Reasons To Shop Small Business Saturday + Sales & Deals

Mom Jeans & Mimosas
"First we Turkey, then we Target."  If this slogan clearly describes you on black Friday then I urge you to stop reading.  This post, is not entirely about gift guides and black Friday deals.  I've never really been a camp-till-dawn kinda girl but if that's you, no worries.  I've got mad respect for you and your overly dry shampoo'd hair n Starbucks cup in hand.  More than likely, not filled with Starbucks but pure, shopper's rage ((or maybe eggnog with rum.))  I'm not here to judge.  
No, this post is dedicated to Small Business Saturday and all the wonderful shops that we shop from.  Plus, I do have their sales on hand if you'd like to go take a peek.  Because, lets face it.  I'd be a great candidate for Black Friday shopping if it wasn't for the fact that I have kids.  I'm agile and quick.  I could probably slip through crowds like a ninja.  So if anyone out there needs to assemble a team for next year...

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

M O V I N G  O N 

Small Business Saturday has many perks for consumers like me and you.  Besides finding one-of-a-kind unique gifts, small shops also offer non-tangible contributions.  Here's a quick list to get you pumped.

Your local economy benifits

Shopping small creates and supports local jobs

two-thirds of net new jobs in this country are created by small business

There's select inventory aimed at matching what you’re looking for

Small Businesses usually give back 

Americans actually trust small businesses (recent polls found)

Better overall Customer Service!

Being a part of the American Dream.

You know, the real American dream.  The one we often forget about.  Being able to start somewhere small and build an empire completely and utterly owned by yourself.  I remember being an extra for film and television.  Even though I never went out for speaking parts, I enjoyed being a part of a movie once it came out.  I felt like I was a small, yet needed contribution.  And that made me feel good!  So, here's a list of our favorite shops and their online sales.

Mom Jeans & Mimosas
 Chalk Full Of Design Custom Chalk Boards
These are so great for teaching penmanship, shapes, numbers and ABC's.  They offer great discounts if you buy in bulk.  + they are easy on the eye!
Use the code CFDHOLIDAY2017 for 15% off your entire purchase Friday  Monday! And receive a FREE SCRIBBLE BOARD when you spend $50 or more!
Mom Jeans & Mimosas
 Fox Frog & Penguin Flash Cards & Bamboo table set
I love these guys and you will too!  From table-ware to wall decor, they have curated environmentally friendly whimsical pieces just for your little one.

25% off your WHOLE purchase using code THANKFUL at checkout
 Teeny Weeny Toys Custom Peg-Doll set
Remember Penelope's wooden camera?  Well, this adorable family made it!  And, they make these customizable Peg-dolls which you will not find anywhere else!  Hand painted to match your awesome family and not to mention, friendly customer service!

Salty Little Bums Striped Pant + Sunkissd tee (on Penny)
Cali living or not, you can get all your sunshine gear from this sweet little company.  Minimal cool-kid styles will take your LO's through ALL the seasons.  ((Cali-swagg comes seperate)) ;)
30% OFF sitewide now until Saturday at midnight. Use code BFSALE at checkout.  

The Mini Look  notes joggers (as seen on Ace)
There's something for everyone with The Mini Look's exceptionally curated selection.  We love their collections from some of the best kid-brands out there + they are based in Washington.  Can that be any more American? 
Buy more, save more! ❣️25% off ‘THANKS25’ |❣️30% off orders over $100 ‘THANKS30’ | ❣️35% off orders over $200 ‘THANKS35’‼️ 
Orders will ship December 3rd!

Letter Lines Co.  10x10 Letter Board
Finally, a letter board you can find on Amazon for less than $40 + their Instagram has a ton of letter board quotes for some inspiration.  
Get 20% off all items on the website! Use code “BLACKFRIDAY” at checkout, now until 11/27! Limited quantities available.

I hope you will join me for this Shop Small Saturday and hopefully find a great keepsake for you or your kids.  I'm sorry for the delay in posts and the absence on my blog... There's some news I've been wanting to share. ⇀ꜛ So, Stay tuned next week for some gifting guides + a throwback DIY!


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