Candles burning low, lots of mistletoe.  Lots of snow and ice, everywhere you go...  Well, maybe not snow but there's a little bit of ice on my wrist (see what I did there) that you can rock this Christmas too.  No worries, I won't tell a soul.  Shopping for one's self is perfectly normal.  Especially if you're a Mom.  Then it's a must!  Plus, I've cultivated my own Parisian-fall style that you can emulate easily.

If you're a long time follower of mine, then you know that I'm not much for bold, showy accessories.  Not to mention, Jewelry is not toddler-friendly. However, as my children grow out of their oral-fixations they have with shiny things, shouldn't my supply of treasures increase as well?  That's why I was so excited to partner with JORD watches to bring you a gorgeous timepiece right in time for the Holidays + a sweet discount code just for you! 

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How to appear more Parisian this fall

Instantly add some Parisian allure with a beret.  They are available nearly everywhere and most are very affordable.
A trench is so very chic but they can be pricey.  Zara has some of the best jackets and you can find a decent trench there for under what you would normally pay.  
mules make my world go round!  I'm a flats-kinda girl and mules are my go-to.  They are similar to house slippers but most have a richer, more classy look to them.  I have a few pairs but these are my basic pair in black suede.  
I was channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn via funny face with my long sleeve turtle neck.  Turtle necks are always one of my favorite tops in fall since I have quite a long neck.  It can get cold for us giraffe's up here in the clouds.  
Adding a pop of classic red to your lips will instantly pull together your look and give you a boost in confidence.  One thing I'm most certain about is that everyone looks so glam when wearing a red lip.  No matter who you are.  A red lip can really enhance your "Joie de Vivre."
Lastly, accessorize your look with a vintage scarf, a pair of hand-me-down earrings or a timeless watch like this  JORD Frankie series zebra wood and champagne watch which goes with anything and adds sophistication to everything.
So, there you have it, theres my tips on bringing a little bit of french style to your closet.  And if that fails just remember

Wood Watch by JORD shop this exact watch here // Beret by Forever 21 shop similar here  // Army Trench by Forever 21 shop similar here //  Turtle Neck by Missguided  //  Denim Skirt by H&M shop similar here))  //  Mules by Forever 21 shop similar here  //  Red lip by NYX 

Every year, JORD has amazing discounts but this year they have outdone themselves by offering their very best discount!  Every person who enters their information here will instantly be emailed with exclusive early access holiday deals ranging from 25%-40% off!  




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