3 Steps To A Perfect Holiday Lip

"Be with someone who ruins your lipstick and not your mascara..."
 Hey guys!  I mentioned my obsession with red come the Holiday's right?  I know I am one of many but I happen to know a thing or two about applying a vibrant eye-catching red.  And it's a simple three step process that never fails me!  So lets dive in.  Are you RED-y??

1. P R E P & P R I M E
If you know you are going to be at a Holiday party and will be perfecting your Red pout, (or any color for that matter) you will want to prep.  Even the best lip colors can become a nightmare to wear if you skip this step.  I found that a lip treatment the night before is a life saver.  I keep this Nugg lip treatment by my bed and apply before speeping.  Plus, it is to die for cute!!  It actually looks so good on my nightstand.  You can find this at Target for like $8.  

2. N E U T R A L I Z E 
Priming your lips is essential.  Whether you use a lip primer by NYX or my Kaplan MD Perfect Pout in Santa Monica, primers allow smooth application and allow your color to last longer.  I find that my perfect pout does just that.  The Perfect Pout Lipstick moisturizes, repairs, adds natural fullness and protects with SPF 30.  The creamy application and the nude color help to neutralize your pout making it an essential "base" to you lip routine.  You can always use a lip primer which are available at any drug store. 

3.  F I N D  Y O U R  S H A D E 
Finally, you are ready to apply your shade.  Not sure which one is right for you?  
I really like how this article breaks it down.  It's all about ((insert drumroll)).... undertones!!  Or, as I like to simplify it, the skin under your skin.  For instance, I'm in between a warm undertone and a neutral undertone.  If your fair up to medium complected, you might be a cool undertone.  In that case, you might look better with a raspberry lip color or bluish-red color.  Most of use will have some cool undertones but us Latina's can usually pull of either!  Make sure to test out lipsticks on your wrist and see if they look warmer or cooler.   My friend Karen from @forallthingspretty has a great post with eight of the best red lipsticks on the market!  Her fave, and my fave are among them!

T I P S :

✓Always use a red lip liner before your lipstick

✓No liner? No prob! Use a lip brush like this

✓check teeth to make sure there's no color on them
if there is, Form an "O" with your lips, put your index finger through the "O," and slowly pull it out. All that pesky lip color that was waiting to get on your teeth is now on your finger.

✓Check teeth again

✓Secure color by setting it with setting powder and a large brush. Use a tissue (or toilet paper) split the two layers into one.  Place over your pout.  Using a large powder brush and loose setting powder, blot and spread evenly across top and bottom lip. 

✓Want to add a gradient look?  Darken the outer corners with eye shadow and a lip brush.  You can also lighten the middle of the lip with a lighter lip color/pencil.

✓clean up any boo-boo's with your lip-brush and concealer.  Blend concealer around lips to ensure a natural look.

Details on this look:
Nugg Hydrating Lip Mask
Kaplan MD Perfect Pout in "Santa Monica"
MAC Russian red lip liner & lipstick

I always swear by a great red lip!  But achieving it requires a bit of trial-N-error.  So, get out there and try!  Make sure to follow my tips in order to avoid any further discouragement.  There's plenty of room aboard the red-lip train.  And you surely will not disappoint at any Holiday party this year.  💋oxo


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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