7 Misconceptions I had about being a Mom Blogger

 I honestly don't know why I skipped this topic.  It's what led me to create several unsuccessful blogs in the past.  I simply didn't understand "blogging" which, sadly, caused numerous failures and tons of uncertainty.  Does this sound familiar?  Maybe you are a sister to a blogger, a wife to an influencer or a blogger yourself.  If you have developed some misunderstandings about bloggers, I'm here to say "you're not alone".  Here are 7 misconceptions I had about being a Mom Blogger.

1:  Blogger's have closets stuffed with clothes, shoes and bags...
Come over and let me disappoint you with my tiny closet including my four pairs of denim...  Let me be clear, I am a small fry compared to the bigger bloggers but I always assumed that you had to have something new each time you shot a photo.  But it was other fellow bloggers (like Nany's klozet) who inspired me to showcase items over and over attracting more readers because lets be honest, wearing something once is complete bull.

2:  You always need to be on trend.  Always.  That means wearing the same thing blogger X is wearing, owning the latest baby sling and buying the newest stroller...
I am so guilty of thinking this.  Granted we want to have all the "oohs and aahhs" in the game but lets be realistic.  That's not really possible especially if there's only one source of income (ahem, stay at home Mom's, ahem).  Now I source my closet and pair un-likely combos which turn out to be highly successful!  You have to be creative when putting outfit post's together but you don't need a big wallet...

3: Bloggers are opportunists and do anything for money.
Sadly, I can see why people would assume this state of mind.  With anything, there are good guys and bad guys.  I could name a few bloggers who just regurgitate unoriginal content for payment.   You can tell these individuals apart because they have no theme leading them to always say "yes" to sponsored opportunities.

4: Blogging is easy... Anyone can do it. 
Oh contraire, blogging takes a lot of dedication and hard work.  Designing and perfecting ones blog draws a new reader in but content keeps them hooked.  I still feel like this is the one topic I must work on more but I've grown immensely thus far.  I've realized now, that my blog is not about me, it's about my audience and all the hours spent on it makes it seem bigger than myself.  I'm always so thankful for all my readers that I want to work harder bringing valuable content to the forefront of Blogger-dom.

5: Bloggers make a lot of money.  *insert ROTFL face emoji here*  This is true for some but if you wanted to blog, it doesn't happen over night.  It can take a long time for brands to notice you and even longer for them to be willing to negotiate rates with you.  But you can make a living off it and many do.  It helps to have a media kit and a rates page and to conduct yourself as you would at any job setting.  Be professional, act courteous and please spell check.

6: If its an #ad, its a #lie.
This goes back to saying "yes" to everything.  You simply cannot agree to every brand that reaches out to you.  At first, you will want to take every chance you can get but that will be short lived.  Saying no differentiates you and your brand.  You wouldn't post an alcohol related post if you shared your favorite nursing bra's last week.  Plus, it will make your voice stronger only tailoring to a niche crowd.  If you are reading this, you are probably a woman, possibly an independent contractor (work for yourself) and probably with a kid or two...
Do you feel me watching you?
LoL! Just kidding.  I know my audience :)  One thing to always keep in mind is that sponsored post's are just as good as your own non-sponsored content.  People like a good balance.

7: Bloggers are comfortable in front of the camera.  
Once upon a time, there was a girl at the beach,  sporting a barely there bikini, posing in the best position to compliment her booty with a crown of onlookers.  I just explained a basic day for me at a photoshoot.  Fast forward to kids, deflated boobs and a herniated belly button.  I can't quite say that I am comfortable in front of the camera.  I'm just used to it.  I try to ignore when shoppers stare as I try to fake a laugh while my husband gets the shot.  I've learned to be more conservative but I'm no nun either.  Just like the name "Mom Jeans & Mimosas", its all about balance during motherhood.

Mom Bloggers are bad ass girl bosses driven by their extreme passion, fueled by the creative process (and coffee) and often times, educated, intellectual hard workers.  Being a Mom is hard enough.   Add "blogger" to the resume and your basically killin the game.  My hope is that you walk away after reading this inspired, more sure of yourself and maybe even a bit more understanding of the world of blogging.  


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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