My Affordable Acne routine + skin prep with ZAPZYT

Before I became a Mom, I used to stress out about my acne.  Then becoming a Mom stressed me out even more, but I started to accept my acne as a sort of war wound right next to the varicose veins, stretch marks and hormonal unbalance.  Like Queen Elsa (who secretly understands us Mom's) singing "Let it go", I did just that.  What I didn't have time for was visits to my Doctors, getting a medical grade product that was unattainable, if not covered by insurance.  Now, my attitude has changed and so has my opinion, which of course, I wanted to share with you! 
This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My affordable skin care routine:

I usually start the day early.  I want to wake up my skin so I hope in the shower, let the steam accumulate which opens my pores.  Then I begin my Zapzyt pore clearing scrub to exfoliate and clear off dead skin.  I only do this once a day because of my oily skin.  If you have dry skin its best to only exfoliate every other day.  

Secondly, I cleanse my skin with Zapzyt's acne wash cleanser.  The formula is scent free and your face will actually feel cleaner after using it.  My pores become  unclogged which, in turn, diminishes their over all appearance.  You can pick up all your Zapzyt products the same time you're grabbing dinner at your local Walmart.

Tone (can skip)
So this isn't really a step I always take.  Typically if your pore size is on the larger end, you will want to take advantage of witch hazel.  That's why guys are more likely to tone than women.  But this witch hazel is an older remedy which really works at tightening the skin after a hot steamy shower.  It can be found almost anywhere too, including Walmart!

Not pictured above but a serum after thirty should be a law.  I mean, its like having a super vitamin right in your hand and not taking it.  There's just countless benefits to applying a serum.  This item tends to be on the pricier side but you can always invest in one purchase and save on the rest of your routine.  

It's almost too easy to find an affordable moisturizer but I'm super brand loyal to Aveeno.  I also use their face wipes to wipe off any excess eye makeup.  My face feels soothed after a good cleanse.  It also helps with any redness I may have after.  

Protect (most important!)
Before I go anywhere, I have to put some sunblock on.  I use a tinted mineral sunscreen spf 40.  There's no getting around cancer and age spots.  It's best to protect your skin even if you don't think you will be in the sun.  This particular one in the image, is my go-to but I got it at the same place where I get my facials.  You can find other affordable tinted ones in the Walmart beauty area but make sure to check for spf 30 and up!

Spot Treatment 
Let's be honest.  You've seen me rock a pimple here and there (thank you Aunt flow) because we ALL get them.  It's what we have in common... **YAY, Unity!**  But we might not all be treating the same way.  I reduce the look and appearance of my problem zits with ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel aka "The original ZIT Zapper".  The acne treatment gel is water based and doesn’t contain alcohol like the competitive products I've used in the past.   Using medicated ones only irritates and adds even more redness, trust me, I've tried.  Have you ever had to conceal a pimple that's dry, inflamed and flaky due to harsh ingredients? It's border line torture.  Just, don't do it.
I do let things go these days.  Like washing my hair, shaving my legs (unless a request is made by my husband) and doing my nails.  But I can't just give up on my skin and neither should you.  I want you to know that there are affordable options that do just that.  The fancy-pants brands promise a lot but the general public has the proof which, in my book is the real approach.  Find out more about how to treat acne


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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