Don't make this mistake when flying with toddlers

Don't make this mistake when flying with toddlers
I have long dreamt of sleeping 3000 feet in the air, waking up only to wave the flight attendant down for a glass of vino.  But that's a far cry from flying with two toddlers.  In fact, I know that you yourself have felt some type of way when a woman with children pops in to the chair next to you.  It's quite alright.  I was that very person.  It's like an instant crippling feeling for, like, all adults of humanity.  Safe to say it's everyone's worst nightmare!  Even the parent has this look of trepidation as they fumble with their endless arsenal of entertainment.  Well before you side-eye me with that Forest Gump meme this-seats-taken-face, lets chat about the one mistake parents make when flying with toddlers.

Actually, lets chat about sleep.💤

We as a family, are on board with the urgent public-health mission to help American kids (not to mention their chronically exhausted mothers and fathers) get more sleep. Parents have always felt that sleep directly affects a child's mood, and most would agree it's got a big impact on learning and behavior.  Research actually indicates that the repercussions of sleep deprivation are visible after only four nights of one fewer hour of sleep per night.  Typically, this happens when the "sleep training" is interrupted like, on vacation.  So lets just say their sleep might just be interrupted, rather rudely by our terrible decision to drag them to boring Ol' Spain.  

Here is the easy solution.  Make a lot of money so you can Kardashian your family around in a private jet.  Even easier (and a bit more realistic) put your kids to sleep with JetKids.  JetKids is a Norwegian (let me get out my Norway roots) based company that has ingeniously come up with kid-sized bed's that you can take with you on a plane.  Say waaaaa.  Yes, you heard right.  A bed box.  I think I had to hold a chair when I found out about them because their idea made me weak in the knees.  I had to have one... And then I had to have two because in all that excitement, I forgot I had two kids.  

These unique (and super cute) carry-on trunks open up to reveal a roll-out mattress and  two side cushions.  The top of the bedbox flips around and clicks to form an integrated bed/leg rest for kids up to 7 years.  Most flights have approved these boxes and more are doing so by the day!  And as you can see, my kids love riding them around the house.  You can find more information by visiting

Bring your sleep system to-go.

We stick to BBSS.  In some rare cases it feels like BS but most the time it works divinely.    Bathe, Brush, Story, Sleep.  We can't do that on the plane but we can sure do these things:

✓Pack a stuffed toy from home.  This is soothing and comforting.
✓BYOB bring your own blanket & pillow because airplanes are cold and dirty!
✓Bring library books that they have never read before.  Like, "My First Airplane Ride"
✓Sugar-free lollipops (candy is approved and the sucking helps with ear pressure)
and toss it into your bedbox because there's still quite a bit of space left to pack your kids stuff for the plane.

In short, I don't entertain my kids on a long flight.  Why exhaust myself exhausting them?  I encourage rest with our "sleep schedule" to-go, try my best to get them settled and then I let JetKids bedbox's do the rest.
I didn't exactly tested them out yet, but that's the fun part that makes me excited for flying a 12 hour flight!  I seriously feel like a cool Mom because I'm going to turn each side-eye into a look of curiosity.  Join me if you are a family who travels and use the my code MEJIA10 for 10% off.  Turn your nightmare in to a sweet nights sleep for you and your babes.

*Adorable children, not included*


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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