10 tips to keep kids happy in flight

I always say my kids are great "starter" kids since they are exceptionally well behaved.  But any behavior can change drastically if it's 12 hours of confinement to a seat.  Sometimes that seat is your lap.  My kids have taken several long flights and here is what I've personally found helpful for parents to keep their kiddos happy in flight.

As always, this post is my personal opinion and these tips are just what works for us as a traveling family.  This post is sponsored by my partnership with JetKids. 

1  You should always check in early even if you don't have tiny humans.  Sometimes you can even pick who you want to sit next to... or who you don't wanna sit next to.  :)

2   Little ears can pop when taking off and landing and this added stress can drive a parent crazy!  For babies, nursing, bottle feeding or a pacifier can help keep ears open.  For bigger kids, a drink or a lollipop should do the trick.  I give them YumEarth Organic Vitamin C Lollipops during takeoff and landing.

3  Present your kids with gifts.  This is an awesome tip!  I pack and wrap (small) library books, Lego kits etc. and present them when the going gets tough.  

4  Bring a familiar cuddle from home.  I pack both my kids one cuddle that they love, and a blanket.  These articles will remind them of home bringing a sense of comfort.

5  Pack a pillow.  I know this seems much, but I can carry two pillows in my carry on comfortably and it's so worth it!  When Penny was a lap child, she slept on top of the pillow like it was a pull out bed.  It worked so well for us back then so we continue to bring them! There's also these cute hooded animal neck pillows that your kids will love.  Shop them here.

6  iPad, iPhone, kindle, tablet etc.  
Even if you have in flight entertainment!!  Download all their favorite apps and TV shows and make sure all electronics are charged!!  Shop portable chargers here.

7  Make frequent potty stops.  "Oh you don't have to pee?  Too bad.  You're going."  I don't actually have to say that because my kids love getting up and walking the aisles.  They (particularly Ace) are fascinated with the bathrooms in the air.  We wash hands and even brush teeth too.  It's a whole experience I don't hesitate to do.  I even secretly like visiting the loo during the flight. I know, weird right? 

**I've changed diapers in the plane too.  There are pull down changing stations that work great.  I'ts not scary at all like I imagined it would be!**

8  Bring an overwhelming amount of  wipes, and diapers.  You just never know!  Also, pack a new outfit for each child.  They ALWAYS get dirty.  Always.

9  Bring your own head phones.  Airlines usually provide some but those earbuds are uncomfortable for little ears.  I like these headphones because they have volume limitations so no ones goes deaf early on.

10  Get a bed.  Yes, you heard me right.  JetKids bed box's turn your child's chair in to a bed (or an extended chair for bigger kids).  I mentioned these bed boxes in this post but I hadn't yet tried them out. 
So, these pull-able, ride-able luggage are made for kids up to 7 years old.  Inside, they have a rolled up mattress with bumpers and the entire top portion can be flipped to form a sort of foot-stool.  You can assemble them after the "fasten your seat belts" sign is turned off. 

They work either by a window, or in the center of the center aisle.  Since we own two, we opted to take the whole center aisle (4 chairs) and put the kids in the middle.  They slept a good 5 hours each both ways.  It's a miracle!

Interested in snagging a bed box? Use my code: MEJIA10 for a little something off.  Also, they offer free world wide shipping with DHL and they ship fast!  If you want to know more about how they work watch this video.

Thanks for tuning in!  Do you implement any of the 10 tips on your flights?


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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