How I edit my photos // Apps & Programs

The photos I share here are a huge component of my self’-expression.  They are indeed what I feel I do best.  Besides being an awesome Mom, of course.  I haven't always been into capturing items, products, kids and myself.  In fact, my photography days started way before taking a selfie was cool.  Those days, a simple wind up camera would suffice.  That is, until my Mom paid for the prints and found all my ongoing #shamlessselfie's.  Today, I wanted to divulge into great detail how I capture and create the perfect image either from my iPhone or my camera.  From start to finish.  Lets begin!
This post is my personal opinion and is in no way sponsored by any of the below mentioned companies.  These are my thoughts, opinions and words.

D S L R  E D I T I N G

Camera + Lens

I currently use a Canon EOS 80D which we purchased from a Canon dealer.  I love Canon and after using a number of other brands (I won't name names, *cough, SONY, cough*), I found that the Canon is a tank.  It's not only the OG of DSLR's, its the Serena Williams of all cameras!  Built strong, to last long.  I highly, highly suggest Canon.  HIGHLY.  I own three lenses but prefer my 50mm 1.4. almost all the time.  You can find all these items above for a fraction of the cost on Craigslist if you are looking to buying.

Canon Camera Connect app

I use my Canon 80D along with an app that simulates a "clicker" called the Canon Camera Connect app and a tripod. I can focus, set timers, change settings all from my phone with the app plus I have a pretty awesome camera tripod made by Manfrotto.  This is also how I snag a photo or two to post on IG stories.  Wifi is essential to posting quick BTS photos so if your not using this app, you're missing out!

Lightroom for Desktop

Secondly, When curating a blog post, I take greater time editing my photos on my laptop with Lightroom for desktop.  This desktop version is the ultimate photo editor.  I can zoom in, whiten, brighten, color correct and pretty much do anything to optimize any photo!  I use preset's that I've created and then slap those on to a group of photos so my editing time is cut down and easier to get done.  The program is relatively cheap because you pay for all of the Adobe products monthly.  It's totally worth it!  A blogger must have if you are shooting with a DSLR.

VSCO app

Moving on to VSCO! I usually use VSCO app to tweak the photo (mainly sticking to the A4 filter) and I also add a tiny bit of grain.  There's so many filters in VSCO and the app caters to creators and artsy types.  A definite must have for editing.

Mextures app

Next, I pass the photo through Mextures which adds light leaks, grunge and scratches to your photo.  This is my final app to use before I post to Instagram.

I P H O N E  E D I T I N G

But, I do realize that it's not everyday that you can buy a camera and for that, there is your iPhone.  I'm not sure how long we have been friends for but I used to prefer my iPhone over my Canon.  Back then, I was using a Canon 40D which I still own.  With apps, timers and a very user friendly interface, it's almost hard NOT to use it.  In fact, I've captured a lot of Instagram photos lately on my phone.  Here's how:

iPhone Camera

iPhone users, don't fret, you can shoot by yourself too.  All you need is the equivalent:  your phone, a tripod like this and a good timer app like photo timer+.  There's a lot of photo timers in the app store that can be used for iPhones so take your pick! Find a well lit spot and snap a few.  Indoors close to natural light works best.  That's code for: by a window.  :)

Lightroom app

The below photo was edited via my preset created in Lightroom which I exported to my Lightroom app.  Yes, you can have Lightroom on your phone!  And its free!  This makes editing photos from my phone super easy.  After lightroom, I continue with the above steps, starting with VSCO. ↑

Repeat steps from above!

Other apps that I use for editing are: Snapseed &Facetune for lighting, geometry, cleaning up photos etc. Although I don't use these on the daily, it's nice to have them when I need to alter or tweak and image even more.

So if your day-hustle squad is an iPhone and flimsy tripod, giiiirl, work those angles and get to know your self timer like you would your man.  Throw yourself in to anything and your guaranteed to soar.  There is so much helpful information on YouTube and other cool-girl blogs that go into detail on how they capture all their photos with their trusty cell.  Maybe, you're the next!

Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are also a great way to showcase your work. Major growth comes from those who utilize all of what Instagram has to offer.  So start posting!  For a carefully curated story, I use:


They literally do what Photoshop does but at an easier level.  See the below pic for some Unfold inspo. ↴
Would you guys like to get your hands on my presets?  I'm not sure if I'm going to be selling them, especially if no one is going to be buying them!  Any suggestions or thoughts would be lovely!  After all, it's not money that drives my creativity... It's you guys!  So let me know what you think!
Do you use any of these apps from above? Until next time, xoxo.


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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