My secret to Glowing skin

How to get that dewy makeup look: Apply makeup as needed, produce offspring (not available at drugstores), wait till they turn two, proceed to parent. Check dewyness in drivers seat mirror cuz ain’t no way you’re getting out of the car. That’s the only place they nap.  OR you can try these few steps in my newest Glow edit.  It might call for less commitment.  These simple steps work for me so now I'm sharing them with you!

Glowing skin can be a far cry from a woman with children.  We indulge in several cups of coffee, eat table scraps and often times find it hard to apply the proper face care.  Mother's need a quick and effective way to obtain glowing skin, not some over priced, 30 step routine with a DIY face peel that literally feels like your face is peeling.  These quick tips are my personal tips.  I've adopted them because they work! 

 First things first, drink plenty of water.

Do drink the coffee.  Don't replace your water with it.  I drink water in the morning before I do anything.  You can still have your three cups of caffeine but drink three big glasses of water before each cup.  Think balance.  I have this super cute bottle that I'm sure you've seen already because I'm obsessed with it.  It's by Healthish and you can see it here on my last post.
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Exfoliate twice a week with this budget boogie option (aka my secret to glowy skin!)

No Clarisonic or fancy tool here.  At only a measly $10, my silk face scrub renews my skin.  Made from 100% raw cocoon silk, this antibacterial facial mitt gently purifies my face and neck, eliminating lifeless cells and boosting collagen production.  It can be used on even your most vulnerable of places like the decolletage.  After cleansing, use circular motions and gently buff your face and neckline and then rinse with cold water.

Watch this video for a 5 min. makeup routine!

Regenerate & revitalize with facial oil...

 I recently purchased some Herbivore Botanical's products from Dermastore and loved everything!  I've been hearing the best things about them and had to put it to the test on my super oily, sensitive skin.  I got the Pheonix oil which can get pricey but if you buy the The HYDRATE + GLOW Natural Skincare Mini Collection (available here) it's a great price.  This set is for great skin, naturally. Formulated for all skin types but especially beneficial to skin in need of deep hydration, collagen boosting and glow.  Specifically, the Pheonix oil renews skin with deep hydration and no added fillers.  I only use a few drops each time I wash and tone my face.  

Finally, Moisturize with a lightweight moisturizer free of any weird ingredients.

Finally, the perfect moisturizer. Pink Cloud hydrates, visibly plumps and smooths skin leaving it with a glowing + slightly dewy finish.  No chasing toddlers necessary.  I also love how it's not too oily or heavy for my face.  This, dear readers, is worth every penny!  A little goes an extremely long way!!  Not to mention, the name is darling, the packaging is minimal to boot and they are 100% vegan with no animal testing, EVER!  I looked for this full big bottle after using up my mini and it was hard to find!  Grab some before they sell out again or check your local Sephora!

Below I took some photos of just my face after this four step process.  Pores, pimples and imperfect skin might be apparent but my skin feels nourished, soft and supple.  

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Did you find this post helpful?  Let me know what you do to achieve glowy skin or if you'd like to try anything mentioned above.  A sure way to start on the right path is to exfoliate weekly!  See you guys soon and thanks for reading!


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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