The MOMthly column: A new life update segment

Welcome to my first monthly addition to Mom Jeans & Mimosas!  I finally decided to make the leap into a monthly life-update segment properly titled: The MOMthly column where I bring you all up to speed on some of the behind the scenes type stuff.  I feel as if lately I've become a shallow, social being, hell bent on reaching some kind of un-attainable numbers to feel validation.  That's essentially why I feel that this first segment should be dedicated to the topic of burn out.

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling the burn?

I have been somewhat absent on the blog lately.  #inmyfeelings 🖓  I'ts been a whirlwind of a summer already.  Work wise, it's up and down.  Personally however, I've been on the down.  I keep finding myself complaining to my husband when my social media posts flop and then taking that feeling to bed with me.  Adding fuel to the fire, I heard on a podcast that blog readership is at an all time low because people are spending so much time on Instagram pumping out visual content.

It's honestly been a downer.  Sometimes I feel like I need to just pause, step away and breathe. But these little breaks aren't any indication on me stopping.  I refuse to stop.  I am so over the moon happy with what I do.  My Dad asked me if I was happy the other day and I was shocked that he even had to ask.  He's clearly not a MJ&M reader but I was puzzled and the presumed assumption and instantly thought that if he couldn't see that I was happy, was that apparent to others?  Am I putting that vibe out there that I'm not content?  

"Content creating and blogging has allowed me to stay home and raise my kids.  It's opened doors to other opportunities that would never have happened otherwise."

I'm so blessed with what has come so far and I hope that in my small seemingly insignificant struggles, you can too feel okay with these breaks too.  As with anything we chose to do there's always room for improvement, growth and change.  Hence the pauses. With Facebook imitating Instgram, and IG imitating Youtube maybe we all are feeling the burnout.  We just don't talk about it.  It seems everyone is scrambling to make a change and stay relevant so essentially, I don't feel alone and that's something.

And on a lighter note...

The hubs and I started a YouTube channel and I'm so excited!  We have so much planned.  Shooting, editing and pushing content with you significant other can be challenging but we are doing it and I really enjoy being together.  All.  The.  Time.  It helps that hes super cute.  

Ace will be starting a new school in a few months!  It's different from his last because it's a private school.  I know, I know, the word private school makes people uncomfortable.  But I must state that we were accepted in to a program that helps assist you financially with placement and such.  If you are in the Los Angeles area and you would like more information on the program, let me know!  I gotchu.  

I'm drinking so much more water.  I'm legit in love with my water bottle from Healthish.  It has these indicators with times on it so that for every hour you can drink just enough and still get your daily intake.  Also, its super cute and minimal.  I thought it was glass but it turns out its a BPA free plastic with a subtly polished gold cap. Getting more water in my daily grind was a goal of mine that so far, I'm accomplishing every day!  Buy yours here.

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Well Dad, I'm the happiest I've ever been.  And dear readers, I hope that shows.  I wake up honored to be here and with a grateful heart too.  I have my days, I do, but I cannot fathom being somewhere else or doing something other than this.  As far as blogs, that podcast I refereed to earlier said that even though blog readership is low, it is the ONLY thing that is actually yours.  IG can change tomorrow or even disappear and there is nothing that you can do.  But your blog is yours, forever!  It's up to me as the owner of this page to care for it and that should never change.  Do you ever feel this way?


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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