6 reasons you should start traveling with your toddlers

I compare kids to ticking time bombs unfailingly.  That's because they are ferocious forces trapped in tiny, squishy bodies.  You never really know how they are going to react to someone lighting their fuse.  And their fuse can be as simple as "Ace almost touched me!!"  However, all the grumbling, potty breaks, face-to-face talks fall short when you've taken them to a place they have never been and created memories that are never forgotten.  Below you will find out why each and every trip we've made has been wildly successful regardless of who put what in whomever's ear etc.

But first, a recap

San Luis Obispo, CA
Avila Beach, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Cancun, Quintana Roo MX
San Francisco, CA
New York, NY
Reno, NV
Tahoe, CA
Sacramento, CA (x5)
San Francisco, CA (x2)
San Diego, CA
Rosarito, Baja California, MX
Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, MX
Puntarenas Province, Cantón de Aguirre, Costa Rica

6 reasons you should start traveling with your toddlers...

1. It makes them better travelers.  Traveling with them when they are young gets them accustomed to flights, car rides, train rides and the over all journey.  Plus, babies almost always ride for free.  The earlier the better!  Penelope's first long flight was shortly after her first birthday.

2. The family becomes closer.  I'm hoping that when my kids are grown, they will still want to accompany us on trips because we are all very close.  Each trip we take together is talked about, referred to and even shared with strangers while buying milk at the store for months and months.  Better yet, when we travel, I don't feel the need to cook, clean and do the regular tasks which leaves much more time spent doing fun things like swimming, exploring, jumping on the bed.  You know, the stuff we should be doing.

3. They are more understanding of others.  The quote above summarizes exactly what I mean.  We firmly believe that our kids will be more adjusted to others differences and accepting of all people.  We love where we are rooted but find that traveling is eye opening even if it's in the same country.

4. It teaches them things that books could never do.  They learn an abundance of things while traveling.  I have always taken my kids to explore ever since they were just a few weeks old and now the results are in.  Ace is mesmerized by elevators, airplanes, architecture and the geography of different land masses.  Penelope, my picky eater found herself in love with raspberries fresh off the vine when we traveled through central California.  I merely guided them, provided the blank canvas and then watched them blossom all on their own.  

5. It makes them tougher, less afraid and easier to put them to sleep.  Traveling doesn't always go smoothly requiring a lot of make-shift bedding and sleeping adjustments.  We've done our share of bed-making on planes (see how we turn our chairs into beds here), trains and even in tents with whatever we could manage.  It might be tough at first but well worth while for you and your children.

6. It grows their patience.  Ever been on a 14 hour flight with two toddlers?  ✓ and ✓.  Are we crazy?  No.  Actually, I was anticipating the worst but the kids were wonderful on that particular flight.   In fact, they usually do very well and I think it has something to do with it being so "normal" for them.  Of course we pack the usual stimuli (check out my post on keeping kids happy in flight) but they always surprise the crew with their obedience and patience.

My dress by Amita Naithani 
kids clothes are all Zara

Stay tuned for the full video recap on our trip to the central coast.  You won't want to miss our first time at the Apple Farm Inn + our journey to the most serene beach where we spotted a jellyfish.

How do you travel?


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