The Biggest Mistake I made as a Mom Blogger

I got an email yesterday.  It wasn't good.  I was instructed to clean up my Instagram in order to continue working on paid campaigns.  I'm not going to lie, I had to read it twice.  Reluctantly, I sent a reply apologizing for past behavior that may have something everything to do with this issue.  It was and remains the worst decision (next to losing my first blog accidentally) I have EVER made as a creator...  Take it from me, you don't want to do this.
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This post is sponsored by humility, embarrassment and an over all learning experience!  All opinions are my own although, they should become yours too!

Everyone dreads being suspended from paid opportunities.  This particular company was phenomenal with communication, deadline extensions (if need be) and the pay was way above par.  They focused their attention not at numbers but quality of content.  They want clear, high resolution photography with well thought out captions all across the board.  I was so stoked to be a part of their ever growing team.  I felt like I was being recognized and truthfully, it felt good.

Fast forward to a few days ago.  I had just finished and shipped out my 6k giveaway package to the winner (Moera, heeeey girl! ✌) when my email refreshed revealing a new email from the company.  I always check new emails and then mark them as unread so I can go through them at a better time.  Such a bad habit.  As I started reading, my stomach dropped.  I was being suspended?  Why?  I continued and skimmed to the part where they said, and I quote: 

"your profile was flagged as having a low overall score rating when it comes to the authenticity of your followers"- company

You know that feeling where your face turns a new shade of pink... Not the champagne pink but like bright pink.  That was me.  Luckily, I'm behind a computer screen.  I gathered my thoughts and wrote a thoughtful message back thanking them for their time and then went to digging around on Google.  You see, I already knew what to search for.  

"How to block ghost followers/ bots on Instagram"

Let's take a tiny step back to 2015 when I was finally being shown some recognition on blogging.  I was being reached out to, featured etc.  I would actually cringe when folks would tell me that they read my blog.  It was happening!  I started approaching blogger networks eager to fill my work calendar with something other than pediatrician appointments.  Some took me in while a majority gently slammed the door because back then, followers mattered.  Looking back, there were never any restrictions and how-to's on growing engagement.  Everyone was growing at rapid speed and new bloggers were popping up boogers from a toddler.  Where was I going?  To me, it seemed that if I didn't produce followers quick, I was going to be left behind, quick.  

I fell in to the trap.

Oh that wasn't the only trap.  I joined telegram where I spent countless moments scrolling and liking content that wasn't anything like mine driving my over all engagement down again.  I deprived my children of each little moment I could be spending with them.  If you want to read why boost pods are detrimental to growing your social media click here!

On paper it looked good and it fooled a lot of companies and provided numerous paid collabs on Instagram and on my blog.  It still does but that doesn't mean its right.  It's easy to get caught up in comparison.  It's easy to just fake the following but it sure isn't easy gaining the trust back, cleaning the mess and blocking all the junk.  

"Buying followers is like buying stolen identities.  Bots use personal information from real people without their knowledge."

Despite an Instagram purge, ridding Insta of all the bots and spammy accounts, the social media giant is still riddled with fake profiles that can put your online safety at risk.  I read that the New York Times recently uncovered an industry of fake follower purchasers and companies.

Buying followers is like buying stolen identities.  Bots use personal information from real people without their knowledge. 

  With profiles filled with photos, often stolen, and fake bios, these advanced accounts make it harder for outside companies, Instagram, and users to spot the fakes.  

Since educating myself on the topic, I have started to clean up all the bots and questionable profiles lingering in MJ&M cyber space.  I came across a lot of people who fell into this trap and felt encouraged as we all have made mistakes here and there.  Cleaner is a great app for singling out all the ghost followers, inactive accounts, spam and bots on your profile.  I use this daily to block these fake accounts so that they can't come back to life like some zombie-emoji movie remake.  Each day my followers decrease but my actual account is being followed by people who seriously like my content.  People not from Brazil, (no offense Brazil)  who's profile isn't a snapchat-filter extravaganza.  It's a long process but I'm doing it and my over all engagement will thank me.

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The lesson here is that quality always triumphs over quantity. If you’re want to grow your Instagram following, create a strategy that focuses on your niche, and build an engagement there.  I hope you enjoyed this post and continue to revel in all my mistakes LOL!  If you need me, I will be mopping my digital IG floor with anti-spamicide.  BRB.


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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