The ultimate travel hack every Family should know about

There's power in numbers.  Especially when those numbers include several elderly people and a multitude of children. We basically take over terminals, hog all the Ubers and stay at the swankiest spots.  Am I embellishing?  Maybe just a bit.   We travel so much with family, I hardly remember what it was like to travel solo.  It's kind of like being a Mom.  You forget what it was like to use the restroom without someone requesting assistance, (in the form of pounding down the door) for important tasks:  Like finding Lego Batman's missing right arm.  That's why I'm sharing my ultimate travel hack guaranteed to make your national vacation one that you can actually enjoy.  What would you give to not sleep in the same room as your snoring in-law?  Your right arm? Let's just leave it at Lego Batman's right arm, if I can find it...

This Post is sponsored by Suiteness.  Any opinions and thoughts are that of Mom Jeans & Mimosas.
Meet my family.  We are the Mejia's.  We travel frequently and between us, we have three kids, (which is like a billion kids) 2 elderly folks and a number of others who tag along.  Sometimes, we even have an Aunt or Uncle invite themselves last minute.  We all have that wanderlust in our veins but we also have blood in those same veins, that can easily boil over.

I once traveled to Los Angeles (this was prior to me moving here) and stayed at a hostel.  I was completely un-aware that hostels were shared rooms but was very aware of how close my companions were... Thanks to the no-door layout, and this couple doing more than just sleeping next to me, I learned that my privacy meant the world very early on.

I even need my privacy from my kids at times.  -Reference the aforementioned restroom story. ↑ - Is it wrong to compare my kids to total strangers?  No, because sometimes, I have no idea who they are...

Especially on planes when it all goes to the wind.  Rules, obedience, bodily functions.  You get the point.  It's better for everyone when we all have our space.  But finding that space, booking it and making that decision to invest in it is quite hard.  Lets start from the beginning.

Planning a trip of 10+ souls has its shares of on-the-brink-of-insanity moments.  This alone can make you second guess your whole vacation before it actually starts.  We, on the other hand, consider ourselves veterans in the field of group traveling.  However, It's still a daunting task and as we Mom's strive to do it all on our own, we secretly want ALL THE HELP.  Wouldn't it be so much easier if someone was able to assist from start to finish ensuring peace of mind, affordability and ease of planning?  Ummm, Yes.  Yes it would.  

I'll let you in on a new secret.  Suiteness does just that.  You know the saying, "I need a vacay from my vacay?"  Yeah, chances are, those people weren't using Suiteness.  

Suiteness offers inventory you can't get anywhere else.  Rooms that connect to suites for at least half the price from what you would pay for a standard two-bedroom.  Say goodbye to the struggle of enjoying your wine in one of two places:  The bathroom or the balcony.  Because, #kids.  Bid adieu to Grandma's novela blasting on the TV because she left her hearing aid at home.  Just let the folks at Suiteness find rooms (for those relatives) that connect to your suite.  That way, everyone can enjoy each other from a distance. 

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Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the USA?


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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