The Ultimate Gift Guide with discount codes // for Mamas and kids

We’ve (and by "we" I mean all my wonderful Instagram amigas) bulked up the kiddos + Mama's list this year with all their coveted discounts from beauty, fashion, decor and more.  We wanted to guarantee you find something for your little one (or yourself)  that's not just discounted but unique and personable! After all, what better way to try out a new company than to trust the word of a fellow friend whose already tried them? Each and every suggestion is accompanied by a personal discount code that's only found here on Mom Jeans & Mimosas! We really hope you give these small shops (and big shops) a try and find a new Holiday treause.  Also, make sure to follow these outstanding ladies on their blogs/Instagram's!

T E C H  &  D E C O R // 

Aluratek makes wonderful gadgets for the whole household including this 
STREAM PRO WiFi Internet Radio Media Player with 7 inch Touchscreen Display! Watch your favorite Christmas movie anywhere in the house, keep a timer for your holiday cookies and get email updates on your clock.
Use code: MIMOSAS15 for 15% off

So-Cal sweetheart Mom Blogger Aly, of Alyandco. has the scoop on a TON of girly products including this Tea Table from Teamson kids!  Take a peek at her blog post for all the details here.
+ You can shop with her discount code: TEAMSONAAC20 for 20% off!

Prints in monochromatic black and white are sure to match your little ones room.  Who here is obsessed with all things blk & wht?  I love all our Robot prints from Fox Frog & Penguin.  They make all sorts of things like decals, prints, flash cards, tableware and so much more!  
You can save by using code: MJMHOLIDAY for 15% off EVERYTHING until December 31st!!

T O Y S // 

Take Turns being the paparazzi with your kiddo.  Here, Penny is playing photographer on her 
Father's Factory wooden toys.  You can snag a number of cool items like actual working cameras that will introduce photography to your kids.  I mean, how empowering is that!?  
Use discount code: HOLIDAY

How cute is this duo? My amiga Julie of Juste.Jules shared this pic with me but it's what she's sharing with us that's pretty sweet! 
 Use her code: JULIE15 to recieve 15% off of anything at Maisonette children's boutique. I actually used it to make a purchase of a cute tea set for my daughter which just arrived!  If you fancy quality toys with a European twist, you will adore anything from their site. 

E V E R Y T H I N G  O N  S A L E //

C L O T H E S //

My favorite shop for tiny feet, Piper Finn is hosting FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $50! Make sure you grab some before Christmas!

E V E R Y T H I N G  O N  S A L E //

F O R  T H E  M A M A S //

(or kids from one to 92)🎄

My name-twin Kristin of The Lovely Chica has so many great shares on her Blog & IG including this amazing Woven blanket by artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico from Laguna Beach Textile Company.  
She was graciously given this discount: LovelyChica10
Make sure to follow her to scoop up more discounts and savings!  Plus, she's super sweet.

Decorate your Décolletage with some meaningful jewelry by HollaMama this Christmas.  You can shop matching Mama and baby charms, bracelet's and necklaces... A great gift for someone special.
Use my code: Y10TPR 

My Girl from just let me in on a super huge discount that she was dying to share with you all.  Now her specialty is fashion and beauty so in this case, we are focusing on Beauty. It’s a Too Faced set from Sephora, valued at $357, and sold for $58, so you really get the best value for your buck!  Thanks Jenny!
Shop this discount here

E V E R Y T H I N G  O N  S A L E //

ICYMI, I became an ambassador for The Body Shop and immediately started loving all the products.  One of my favorite being this gorgeously scented, face mask pictured above.  You can find so many more ethically made products (always cruelty free!!) by shopping here and receive 40% off all eligible regular-priced products, including Gift Sets! 
No code needed!

E V E R Y T H I N G  O N  S A L E //


Get an extra 30%, 25%, 15% or 10% off with code FRIEND in your shopping bag 
Ends 12/10

Calvin Klein

Get an extra 50% off sitewide including sale, plus free shipping on all orders! 
Ends 12/10 


Get $5 off your $15 purchase! Find your coupon by clicking here.


Get 15% off with code 6463 (exclusions apply) Click here
12/1- 12/31 

Oh my gosh!!  Thank you guys for taking a peek at all these lovely discounts!!  Thank you to all my lovely Instafriends for chipping in and sharing their shop codes. ♡ I really hope you find something amazing!  What's on your wishlist?  Comment below and let me know and you will be eligible for a chance to win a Deluxe Body Treatment System Gift Set for my next giveaway.  Details will be on my Instagram this week!  Happy shopping.


Kristin Dawn Mejia
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