Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Shoe #2:  Your “local Market” Sneaker

Look for:
a good walking shoe + washable canvas 

What I love about Traveling is seeing other cultures and the way other people live.  We typically visit markets, hole in-the-wall restaurants and places that aren’t super tourist-y.  This requires a lot of walking.  And usually that means dirty streets and roads.  Your feet will thank you for packing a sneaker that’s both comfortable and durable.  For this reason, I have listed my converse sneakers because they are the number 1 shoe that looks good worn down!  In fact, I hate new converse.  They need to be dirty.  The dirtier the better.  I’ve also listed some cute print sneaks too!  And, if your shoes get too dirty, throw them in the wash when you get home.  That’s whats so great about a canvas shoe.  They wash well.  So make some memories with a pair of converse.  

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Shoe #3: Your Dressy Shoe

Look for:
a low heel + ankle support

When the kids are being watched for the night and you want to go out, make sure to pack a neutral low heel.  These forever 21 heels are light weight and actually comfortable!  I’m not a big fan of buying shoes from Forever but these ones are an exception.  I love the woven heel on them.  It makes them the perfect vacation shoe and they pair with so much!

Thank You again for joining me and hearing the big news.  Look for more travel inspo, tips and ideas from MJ&M coming up this next month.  Let me know in the comments what you would like to see more of.  



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