Do I feel like this product is decent?  Sure.  Would I purchase it?  Probably not.  If you want a well-priced item that hydrates your skin and feels light-weight then Loreal Revitalift is a great find, however, once this bottle is done, I will no longer be using it because of several ingredient’s that fall under “harmful” including Parabens and added coloring.  So the search continues for a great moisturizer with simple and natural ingredients. 

See my before and after pics shot with my iPhone camera.  (possibly, the worst way to take a selfie!)  These were taken 14 days apart and using the Revitalift product twice daily.  

B  E  F  O  R  E

A  F  T  E  R

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

 I don’t think that your moisturizer should contain any harmful ingredients so my opinion on Loreal’s Revitalift might be to pass on it and save your money for a simpler and more natural lotion.  But as far as price, availability and usefulness it’s a decent product for what it claims.  Are there any product’s that you swear by that help with anti-aging?  If you want a complete list of harmful ingredients, let me know and I can post if for you in another post!  Thank you for viewing guys!



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