I love the Carters line because I can mix N match pieces in similar color schemes for fall.  As you can see, rich hues, bold prints and comfy sets are my go-to.  For Penny, three dresses in floral, chambray and gingham print.  Ace is wearing his “big bro” shirt in a gorgeous cranberry paired with plaid shorts.  My nephew Alem is handsome in a dark blue set & creamy knits.  I also grabbed some playsets for my sisters shower and a sweet pants set for a more prestigious occasion. LOL.  Or church.  

 Another reason we decided to stop growing our tribe was because we are welcoming so many newbies to our extended family.  Like this little guy up here.  My nephew Alem.  

This post is Sponsored by JCPenney and ShopStyle but the opinions expressed are my own. 

Deciding to not have more children takes time and a lot of communication.  We wholeheartedly agreed on this momentous decision based on our family dynamic and lifestyle.  However, I want to stress that everyone is different but if you found some comfort in my post/decision, then please send me a message or comment below!  I’d love to hear from you.  

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