You won’t likely find any plastic ((cash for trash as I call it)) because I tend to shop for items that will keep longer.  I am also a huge advocate for toys that provoke imagination & play rather than provide 5-minute visual stimulation.  I say that as my daughter is playing on her kindle… 🙄  I can’t deny the use of them in my house but hey, I try.  With that being said, here are other gift ideas that are helpful and won’t take up space like a giant doll house will!

-Great Gifts no matter what-

✓educational items (like flashcards)
✓trace and erase chalkboards
✓art supplies & crafts

Since the gift-giving holiday falls on a Monday, many retailers have pushed up their deadlines a day or two, which leaves less time for last-minute shopping online.  Below I’ve listed a few dates that you might want to keep in mind or refer to later in your “Oh my God, I need to ship” panic.

↠Last days to shop↞

USPS Retail ground: Thursday December 14th

Amazon Free Shipping // Fed Ex Ground: Friday December 15th

USPS first class: Tuesday December 19th

Fed Ex 2 day // UPS second day air //USPS priority mail: Wednesday December 20th

I hope you find something for everyone on your list.  Let me know what your kids are looking forward to this Christmas.



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