Tourist for a day…

Here’s a little look at how I dressed this outfit down in Barcelona for a day of walking and sight seeing!  I wore a pair of black Nikes, my go-to (and very old) sweater, a matching wool hat (gifted from a friend) and my black Aubrey Lane backpack.  I was comfortable and warm all day!  I loved pairing this unexpected outfit because it just worked for that day perfectly.  


Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

Photos by Romeo Alexander

Details for this look:

Striped Tie-front Dress by Forever 21 

Scarf // Vintage

Necklace by HollaMama

Sunnies // Forever 21

Did anything catch your eye?  I hope these little numbers give you confidence anywhere your Spring-time schedule takes you.  And also, can I add that my husband has been on fire behind and in front of the camera.  We had so much fun shooting each other in Spain!  Where should we go next?



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