face mask

at home facial peel

You should be doing weekly facials or face masks at home.  You can get facials done by professionals but it’s costly.  If you can’t afford going seasonally (4 times a year) then twice a year should be feasible.  I usually forget to get mine in the bustle of life but when I do I feel so good! 

Sunday’s are my self-care days in which I pay extra attention to my skin.  I replenish and nourish it depending on what it needs that week.  I usually do one of MANY masks that are all affordable and work well.  No BS here.  Pay special attention to the 

Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Overnight

mask that you leave on overnight and wake up to clearer skin! 




spot treatment

serum (retinol)

eye cream

moisturizer, night cream or facial oil

I sometimes simplify my PM routine when I want to give my skin a break by simply washing and moisturizing.  However, this step by step is my go-to routine.  Remember that between each step, make sure your products have time to seep in to your skin.  I really love this new line of Vitamin E products from the Body Shop. It conditions, nourishes, and protects the skin. It also has Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana that melts in, leaving it smooth and soft. And, as always, it’s cruelty free.  

Mom Jeans & Mimosas

I hope you found this very helpful especially if you suffer from adult acne or prefer vegan products not tested on animals.  Most everything I use is vegan and cruelty free.  What’s something you swear by in your skincare routine?  Let me know below!



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