The reality is that low cost juices are filled with artificial flavors and additives to make it’s shelf life longer and vitamins?  You won’t find many.  It’s no wonder juices like that are the culprits when it comes to the health of your children.  Give them something good while also, feeling good about their diet.  This low calorie and low sugar juice tastes just like my childhood juice.  The nostalgic flavor is there + the added benefit of it being so affordable.  I add my juice to my smoothies for a little more sweetener.  I am secure in knowing that my smoothie won’t be mostly sugars (which many smoothies are, especially store bought juiced smoothies) which makes them great for de-bloating.  I tend to bloat when I eat fresh veggies or red meat.  I almost never consume red meat but if I do I have this remedy that I’ve perfected over all my smoothie-making years.  Turns out frozen papaya, can decrease inflammation and improve healing caused by burns.  The same goes with pineapple, turmeric, ginger, mint, fatty fish and olive oil.  But when you can’t blend fish with olive oil, try my Anti-Inflammatory smoothie recipe below!

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie with Tropical Passage Orange Citrus


Add all ingredients into high quality blender and blend.  I’m using the Ninja blender which is the nicest and strongest blender I’ve ever owned.  I add everything and then press the smoothie button.  How about I give one away?  That’s right, a ninja blender could be yours to own!  Just enter in my Instagram Contest here.


I hope you enjoyed this post!  Please make sure you enter into the Ninja blender giveaway!  You won’t wanna miss it!






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