Post filler: Now that I have actually gone (this aforementioned section above was prior to my visit), I can fully disclose that not only did I get fillers again, I got BOTOX guys!!  And can I say that I love it!  It’s only been a week but I can already see the difference in my eye folds (that cause hooded eyes) being that they are less droopy and more awake looking.  When I was there, the doctor suggested “baby Botox” aka barely a unit in each poke.  Prior to getting this, I was always for Botox.  When I learned how preventative it is and non-evasive, I definitely knew I would get it once the time came.  They did a wonderful job and I am going back later this year to address the 11 lines in my forehead.  Those just mean I have been thinking a lot lately LOL! 

Thanks for reading!  I hope this can help you to better understand Botox and fillers.



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